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The Zelda Collab!

2009-06-05 08:33:06 by Arkhe

Huzzah! The Zelda Collab has come into fruition! I think everyone did really good pieces of work!
Much kudos to Snow-Fox for his stead-fast dedication to the quality of the project!

My biggest regret was that I didn't realise I animated mine at 12fps until I watched it just now! =___=;;; (It got fixed! :D ) ...I wonder if anyone gets the tribute/reference in my Midna piece?

Edit: Oh and I got into the SF Collab! It's a bitter sweet victory, for my piece was the Preloader and it didn't have my name on it. =___=;; But I beat out the NG Tank Logo, so definitely an honour! I suppose I'll ramp up my game next time. Something more sensible I guess. ^^;

- Zelda Collab -
Credits Song: Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles
Song in 12: (The TP OST) - The Twilight Mirror is Restore

The Zelda Collab!

Made a submission for the Street Fighter Collab.

2009-03-11 08:50:43 by Arkhe

Wish I could fix it up a bit and resubmit.

Edit: I'm in! It's the preloader! lol
I beat out the ng tank logo, but my name only appears in the credits!
You win some and you lose some, I guess.
I'll kick it up a notch next time!

Btw, yes I tried a pseudo-lesbian joke because I didn't want to do a penis one. Go figure things turned out the way they did, eh? XD

Made a submission for the Street Fighter Collab.