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Entry #2

The Zelda Collab!

2009-06-05 08:33:06 by Arkhe

Huzzah! The Zelda Collab has come into fruition! I think everyone did really good pieces of work!
Much kudos to Snow-Fox for his stead-fast dedication to the quality of the project!

My biggest regret was that I didn't realise I animated mine at 12fps until I watched it just now! =___=;;; (It got fixed! :D ) ...I wonder if anyone gets the tribute/reference in my Midna piece?

Edit: Oh and I got into the SF Collab! It's a bitter sweet victory, for my piece was the Preloader and it didn't have my name on it. =___=;; But I beat out the NG Tank Logo, so definitely an honour! I suppose I'll ramp up my game next time. Something more sensible I guess. ^^;

- Zelda Collab -
Credits Song: Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles
Song in 12: (The TP OST) - The Twilight Mirror is Restore

The Zelda Collab!


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2009-06-05 08:57:55

What'd you think that the collab would be rated, cause if you're artwork is the only one, than it's probably gonna be rated Adult.

(Updated ) Arkhe responds:

lol, I don't know really. I suppose I skirt adult themes more often than not though. But, if you want, I can promise future works of mine can push that line again!

(And c'mon! I put clothes on Midna! That's not a bad thing! XD)


2009-06-06 19:55:45

Hey Arkhe, I just wanted to say that I love your art, and your Zelda Collab part was my favorite!

Arkhe responds:

Thanks! I rather liked yours too!
I'll be around to see what your next movie will be!


2009-06-07 21:58:27

Love the zelda collab and your flash was great art was amazing well done and the joke of it had me laughing really thought something romantic was going to happen truly deserve to be seen in all of newgrounds! <3

Arkhe responds:

Hey, thanks! We all put a piece of ourselves into it, and are quite happy that it's come around and generally accepted! ^^
Glad you liked mine! I'll try to keep my future work just as entertaining, if not more so in the future! Thanks for dropping a line!


2009-06-08 16:32:04

I think your artwork is great but dont you think your part was too emotional for a funny collab?

Arkhe responds:

You're probably right. That short Midna piece I did was actually just supposed to be a bonus picture for the collab, but when Snow-Fox said there wasn't really any bonus content, so I figured I'd animate it further.
As for the Credits vid, the whole part before Sheik turned out to be Midna was a project I finished years ago and I added the Midna bit to lighten it up and modernise it for the collab. But what I had planned broke the pacing so I just left it as a music clip anyway.

I like the drawing style of yours! It's got a solid feel to it! I'm still trying to break away from anime, haha


2009-06-08 20:18:21

Great artwork, and the distorted music for Midna's side of the mirror was a fantastic touch. (This is seriously the only thing you've submitted in 6 years? You've got crazy talent, ya know. I have to stick to sprites...)

Arkhe responds:

Thanks! (I tried messing with doing that whole bit backwards, but it broke it, so I made each word backwards separately to keep the music the same! Glad it still worked out well! :P )

Hahah, truthfully that music vid (without Midna) was finished back in... 2005, I think? It was part of a Zelda fighting game that never quite got off the ground, so I reused everything for a clip. >.>;;;
As for crazy talent... The problem with detail is that you don't want to add more because it gets stupid impossible to animate. XD;;;
And don't sell yourself short! Daily 5th means you sure are doing something right! XD


2009-06-08 21:45:11

Lemme guess... Is the reference the robe she is wearing when she only wears it in her restored form? or the hyrulian alcohol? enlighten us. Nice work in the ZC by the way!

Arkhe responds:

That alcohol is actually 'Chateau Romani' (special 'milk' in Majora's Mask). I just took liberties to make it look like a wine bottle (but the label's the same).

Oh... The kimono... Haha, your the first person to have asked about that! :P
It's a tribute to someone else's Midna piece. A person by the name of 'Zone'...

Glad you liked my work! :D


2009-06-10 03:10:34

This is really a great artwork. It brought back so much from when I played twilight princess....ahhhh good times......oh btw, whats the name of the song u used for video in the collab and how can I get it?

Arkhe responds:

Thanks! TP did have its moments!
The name of the song in the credits was 'A Thousand Miles' by Vanessa Carlton and the one for 12 was 'The Twilight Mirror is Restore' from TP's OST.
As for how to get it, well uh... I assume it should be available from iTunes and... other places. I don't really know, because a friend of mine gave me a cd with a bunch of stuff that he listens to and that's where I got Vanessa Carlton's from. ^^;
For the other one, I'm not sure where I got that from now. I was just running from Zelda site to site looking for the TP OST, so I can't remember where it came from now.

Sorry! ^^;


2009-06-11 11:37:35

Nice drawing style and I loved the end credits

Arkhe responds:

Thanks! I'll improve with my next piece!


2009-06-26 16:33:04

Gotta say your part in the zelda collab was one of my favorates. its animation was much better then the others though maybe not the best. the only other time i saw that kimono was............ somewhere else... though i gotta say i did like the kimono zone added to midna and i like what you did with it there. ill be sure to watch you to see if you come out with anything else. you seem to have some good taste.

Arkhe responds:

Hey thanks! It certainly wasn't the best - I sacrificed fbf with detail and tweens! ^^; Hahah, you're one of a handful of people who've caught that! You have a good eye! XD Thanks for the praise! I hope my later pieces will also be to your liking!


2009-06-27 14:21:44

your part was awesome. It seems that most people that liked the collab enjoyed your part the most.

Arkhe responds:

Thanks mate! Don't sell yourself short, I think we all did pretty good! It was an enjoyable experience!


2009-07-07 11:55:55

Check your video :P lOzXo&fmt=22


2009-12-20 17:20:29

lol, arkhe, dont tell paradoxxx about it... 'zone' is y-know... :/.

by the way, why is the fingertips lighter than the hair?


2010-01-21 18:43:51

Really, yours was the best out of the collab because of the great animation. It was really short though but it was enough to say you did amazing with it. Everyone else did ok but you aced your part in the collab (like everyone else is saying) but it was great altogether and I can't wait to see more of your art!


2010-01-27 17:46:49

This was my favorite part of the zelda collab, other than the credits. You have no idea how great of an impact that made on my life. THANK YOU! i hope to become like you one day!


2010-07-13 00:21:49

this is some damn good art!smooth and amazing detail!YOU SIR HAVE WON A COOOOOKIE!!!OOOOOOOOOO <----cookies