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Hentai Artist: Catgirl Hentai Artist: Catgirl

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Connect-the-dots with a whole new incentive!

I especially liked how connecting each dot connects and auto-fills until you collect more dots to shape the silhouette! It keeps things interesting as to what the image could be!

Some suggestions:
-If you plan to add an easy mode, go with a slower timer and skimpy clothing.
-Maybe a small set of random music tracks for variety? (Don't blow up your file size though)
-Main menu and image select. (Each one you complete, you unlock 1 or 2 ahead?)
-A handful of different backgrounds or character specific background.
-Hard-mode with silly outfits/cosplay? lol
-If you get gutsy; story-mode! :P (Puyo-puyo did it!)

I can't wait for you to get an artist! (I'd apply, but I'm going to be busy until the end of the semester. My profile has 1 image, and I did the loading screen for the streetfighter collab if you want to check it out)

Anyways, great work again!
Sometimes the best ideas, are ones that put new twists on the things that work!

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Galaxy Angel sim date RPG Galaxy Angel sim date RPG

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice!! But...

But it's pretty buggy... Twice I've entered into a conversation and clicking on the arrow key does nothing.
This happened in either Vanilla or Millfeulle's 'give me presents now' dialogue, and the second time was on Milfeulle's 'Ready for dates' dialogue.

Other than that, i found the game to be really enjoyable!
I'm trying to learn AS, so perhaps the alot of the graphics has been traced over, I'd have to give Kudos on putting it all together! (Anyone who can do good AS kicks ass in my book)
Great job on it! Loved especially how you could fight people for no reason! ^^

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Balloon Duel Balloon Duel

Rated 5 / 5 stars


So incredibly Nostalgic...
Yet.. A masterpiece as an extension!

I'd write a more detailed review, but... It's just too awesome to describe!! You have to finish it and add in more extras and a story mode!

Awesome man, just plain awesome...

Tutorial: How to protect! Tutorial: How to protect!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nicely done!

Good stuff! Being an aspiring flash artist myself, I find your tuts really helpful!
Once again, great stuff MakefunNotwar718!

MakefunNotwar718 responds:

Thanks man for the great review! ;)

Battle Pong Battle Pong

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Genius! Pure Genius!

Man... This is just pure genius!
You created a whole new spin to such an old game. I honestly wouldn't have known how to have done it, but you did it!
Good stuff, good stuff.

cantankerousTANK cantankerousTANK

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Synj and gel OWNZ!!!!!!!!

Damn, now that was a totally caning game!
Feel the might of the Cantankerous!!

And love the dual playing too! Hah, that little thinga-ma-bob works great with the rail gun! (It's too bad it can destroy building tho, -but still cool!!)

The Suspicious Cop The Suspicious Cop

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Haha, I just did this the way I would've done it and what do you know?
Seems true tho, although I didn't delve into it to see where it could've gone.

The Suspects The Suspects

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great piece!

Truly well thought out! This and your other pieces are incredibly well done!
Stand tall and be proud!

Love Hina sim date RPG Love Hina sim date RPG

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Totally, Totally Awesome

You guys came up with another awesome Flash!
This outta be on the front page right now!

So far, the _single best_ Dating Sim now! . You guys outta be proud of yourselves!!
I'm honestly surprised that you guys came out with an even better game so soon!

Lmao bout picking fights all the time. Great idea and gotta congrats about how all of this have come together! This is tough! I should know, I'm starting flash myself!
So far, I've found 17 secrets, although this lists as 18... heheh
Gonna finish for Mitsune now... hehe

Oh yeah, but there were a few glitches i noticed...
-that puzzle at TokyoU, -it doesn't leave (but you already know that, I guess)
-Giving gifts is flawed half the times as sometimes they repeat dialogue from the last person you talked to (or works when you start dating them)
-When you meet Kaolla at night and she asks if you want to join her put Ice-cream on people, it glitches where she may or may not go away (there's no event all the same).
-When you don't have enough hp for anything, you can still get into a fight with a person by giving them gifts (if the gifts glitch is working). (Btw, while we're on fighting, perhaps when you lose one, you outta wake up in your room with minus stats...? just an idea)
-the red light district lets you click it twice and the second time round adds the Secret to your list again.

uh... Can't find that crazy girl cheat anywhere in game... o_0 lol

If your taking, here's some suggestions:
-Sometimes when you go into another person's room, you can see them interact with another person.
-I've noticed that chars you fight get gain extra hp to their overall hp after a fight, maybe you can also raise their stats for next time? Just a thought really
-Perhaps you guys can also do the rest of the Hina place? Or you guys don't have a map? I picked up a book a while back of the whole Hina Inn and the neighbourhood if you want a scan (altho my scanner is broke right now)

Haha, don't take my suggestions seriously tho, considering your work ain't very serious and could get away with it, hehehe

Once again, Totally, Totally Awesome.
Can't wait for the next piece of work!!

Bullettime Fighting Bullettime Fighting

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nicely done!

Not much graphics or sound, but otherwise a very well done Flash game! It made for a good game with an appropriate load time and file size.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't think I could leave the fight back to the main menu. Just couldn't help but think it could be -lightly- expanded on. Perhaps more chars and different bg's and it'd very much own!

You still get a good score from me though!